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13 . 10 . 2016

Everything started on a Friday morning, I flew to Amsterdam for a weekend full of surprise with Desperados. It was very exciting and mysterious to head to this place that I didn’t know without knowing what was the program. They said – “surprise!”. Let me finally tell you, what happened in the city of sin!




After arriving in a beautiful hotel booked by Desperados (The Andaz), we had a few hours free before attending a dinner. I enjoyed this moment and took this opportunity to walk around and discover this city for the very first time. Regarding the program at this moment, we only knew a time we had to meet to have dinner.


After meeting the team in front of the hotel, we started walking through the pretty street of Amsterdam and arrived to a very beautiful place where we were having dinner. The Restaurant was in the very charming hotel “Pulitzer”. As soon as we arrived, they welcome us with a fresh desperados (of  course^^) Where am I sit? It was the funny part of this dinner. Mixing people and creating connection was the goal of Desperados as they organised all the sitting. It took me a long moment to find my name… they actually put my middle name “Marie” instead of Alison… haha I didn’t feel concerned at all. I have to admit that we did a little “secret” modification to be sit next to some of my swiss buddies!


When the dessert arrived, some people of the organisation told us to leave for the next surprise. I still didn’t know where we were going. We left the dinner and some cars were waiting to drive us. After a little ride, the car stop and left us somewhere near a port and a train station. Are we leaving by train? Are we going on a boat? I didn’t know. We waited there and after a moment which seemed pretty long, a boat arrived and it was time to go!


The boat was sailing in the middle of the night and finally stopped to a location where the party was! We were on a kind of floaty platform and the party started. When we arrived there we didn’t know when it was going to end but it seemed that the party was going to be amazing! After a moment, they call us to come inside and they reveal us the “limited flare edition”. The fire in a bottle! The new desperados limited edition has exactly the same taste but the beverage seems full of gold! The night ended pretty late but full of surprises with different concerts & confettis!

©photography by Ken Moos


  1. Kristen Robin

    15 . 10 . 2016 at 2 h 57 min Répondre

    Looks like such a fun time!

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  2. Theoni

    13 . 10 . 2016 at 15 h 55 min Répondre

    Sounds amazing! I would be so impatient with all this!

  3. Kiss & Make-up

    13 . 10 . 2016 at 12 h 08 min Répondre

    I’m not really a beer drinker (shocking, I know, because I’m Belgian) but a Desperados I can do.

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