25 . 11 . 2016

Good morning everybody! After having some issue with my blog in the past days (things that I don’t understand) I am back with a new article on a very special day as it is : BLACK FRIDAY! What does that mean (for people who are not a shopping addict like me)? It is actually an American habit as after thanksgiving all the stores are doing some major special offers! Since a few years already and with the e-commerce, those Black friday offers came to europe and we can now also have some special deals on that day!

Today, if you order a Calvin Klein watch on the swiss online shop « Christian Goldschmiede » you will receive this super cool Calvin Klein Backpack!


On those pictures, I am wearing the model Calvin Klein CK minimal 

Calvin Klein ck minimal

available HERE


Tunic : Hugo

Turtleneck : Hugo

Jeans : H&M

Heels : Bata

Backpack : Calvin Klein

Watch : Calvin Klein

Earrings : Calvin Klein


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