04 . 11 . 2016

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Hey my loves! So happy to finally find the time to write this article and share with you some news! When I am writing this, I am already in the train to Paris! A pretty amazing experience is awaiting on us, my Gurl Marine is with me and we are attending the « RED BULL FLYING ILLUSION » Show tonights at the Zenith! I am super excited about it and also to be back in the pretty Pareeee! Can’t wait to have a little coffee on a terrace and walking down the beautiful boulevard of the city!


Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Snapchat where I am going to post tons and tons of things ( just you to know!) Today’s outfit is all about this elegant kimono and the over the Knee boots. I love breaking the « classic » style of it with a « bold » pair of boots!

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Kimono : H&M Trend

Skirt : NA-KD

Boots : Kurt Geiger

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  1. Cleny Cruz

    12 . 05 . 2017 at 3 h 21 min Répondre

    If you ever want to sell, you have a buyer here

  2. Kiss & Make-up

    04 . 11 . 2016 at 18 h 44 min Répondre

    You are rocking that kimono 🙂

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