26 . 06 . 2016
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FINALLY! finally, I am sharing with you a project that I’ve been working on for a very long time! The new universe of A new logo, a new design, with bigger pictures and way more options. I’ve been waiting so long for it and you can not imagine how happy and stressed I feel today!


It was a long way before coming back with this brand new blog. After 3 years of blogging, I felt like a little upgrade was needed. I wanted you to be able to find the article you were looking for easily with brand new categories like season, beauty or inspiration. I’ve been working for a very long time to make sure that this new website will be the best for you guys! I hope you will enjoy this new platform and have even more fun to read my adventures!


Blogging is for me the most amazing experience I’ve been living so far! Being able to work with brand such as Calvin Klein, L’Oréal or Zalando seems like a dream! 2016 looks like an unbelievable year for myself and for Bangbangblond. Many projects and travels are scheduled for the next months. First, let me tell you that I am living this morning for Berlin where I am going to attend an event with Zalando. I can’t wait to share this experience with you on the new blog!


I would love to hear your feedback about it!


Photo & Video by Marine R. – Video editing by Kally Reymond

Off the shoulder: H&M
Pants: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Hat: covernumberone, available at the Nude Concept Store

Necklace : BB Capsule Collection – BLAAST x Baies d’Erelle



  1. Happyspongeflo

    04 . 07 . 2016 at 0 h 45 min Répondre

    FélicitationsBBB! J’aime beaucoup. J’attends ton nouvel article et ta nouvelle vidéo avec impatience. Xoxo

  2. sasha

    30 . 06 . 2016 at 0 h 14 min Répondre

    Congrats! Cant wait to see what 3 years has in store for me! Awesome blog! I love your mules 😀

    Have a great day!


  3. CocoSmile

    29 . 06 . 2016 at 19 h 47 min Répondre

    Congrats for the new blog dear!
    Is amazing!
    Kisses from Spain

  4. sharon wu

    28 . 06 . 2016 at 19 h 25 min Répondre

    Love your hat so much girl! <3 Great styling xo, sharon

    1. alison

      29 . 06 . 2016 at 10 h 58 min Répondre

      Thank you for your sweet words Sharon!

      xx, BBB

  5. Dakota D.

    28 . 06 . 2016 at 16 h 28 min Répondre

    Congratulations darling! This is so cool. Keep up the great work.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

    1. alison

      29 . 06 . 2016 at 10 h 57 min Répondre

      Thank you so much Dakota! See you very soon on the blog^^

  6. Mel

    28 . 06 . 2016 at 15 h 53 min Répondre

    Love the new layout!

    1. alison

      29 . 06 . 2016 at 10 h 56 min Répondre

      Thank you so much babe! I am so happy to read that you like it <3 !

  7. Romina

    28 . 06 . 2016 at 13 h 07 min Répondre

    Prout Love <3

    1. alison

      28 . 06 . 2016 at 22 h 15 min Répondre

      thanks babe! :*

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