Success story à la Française, ba&sh

09 . 02 . 2016
A few weeks ago at
the opening of the first ba&sh store in Switzerland (Geneva), I had the
pleasure to meet and interview two incredible women, Barbara Boccara &
Sharon Krief the two creators of the French brand ba&sh.
During this special
moment shared with them, I felt a symbiosis between the two childhood friends.
They complete each other sentences, Barbara speaks on Sharon’s name and
conversely. While the waiter offers us a chocolate, Sharon exclaims:
« Barbara, don’t you like it? Because if Barbara does not like it, I’ll
love it! Contrary to fashion, we don’t have at all the same taste with food. »
Humble and proud of the success achieved with their brand, they always exclaim
theirself with a ton of enthusiasm when they talk about their collections.
Mostly inspired by their friends and themselves, the collections are conceived
in function of their wishes and needs. A success story à la française that
was born with one and single goal: Creating a project together.
Barbara and Sharon
launched the brand ba&sh in 2003 and it is almost by chance, as they both
don’t come from the fashion industry. Barbara was working as a PR and Sharon was
a lawyer. While they could have opened a restaurant or a café, an investor
offered them the opportunity to start a prêt-à-porter business. Without any
idea about the fashion business, the two women decided to position theirself
with a consumer vision by creating a brand that would be between the luxe and
the mass market. High-quality products with affordable prices.
We often say that
difference is an asset. A true story for the brand ba&sh. Two different
women with an unwavering friendship, their different ideas and desires enrich
each of their collections. « If Barbara wants to create a model that I do
not like, it does not matter because there are a lots of ba&sh women! So we
produce it and include this piece in our collection ». The two women work in the same office close to
each other. They are always aware of each other activities.
« Our strength is
probably that we don’t come from the fashion industry but from the Street.” The
story of the brand is based on a great friendship. Unpretentious, they have
embarked on an adventure where passion, friendship and hard work drove them to
The ba&sh woman
is a woman who loves life, an happy womand who likes traveling and who is
active. She looks like Barbara & Sharon friends. The ba&sh woman is evolving with
Barbara & Sharon, she takes care of her. Even a
 Yoga collection is coming soon!
« We create and produce
at first what we want to wear! » This season, both of them are craving for capes,
belted coats and can’t wait for spring to wear long printed dresses. When I ask
them which essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe, they answered
me without any hesitation: « A little black dress and a Jeans, we all need
a great pair of jeans!”
After developing
their brand to the international, our 2 French designers have a crazy dream:
“Why not opening a ba&sh hotel » they said. « A place where we could receive our friends
and sharing some good times! »

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