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03 . 12 . 2013
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A little shopping never killed nobody! 

I’m sorry but shopping is my favorite sport. This weekend I went to Bern with a friend and I found so many things!! I little pair of creepers by Olmo,  a chapka by Fizzen, a Rice cup (yes a real cup, I love to drink tea haha), a sweater by H&M and some bracelets by Zara and more… It was such a productive day at the end I was almost tired and my wallet too…

I used to live in Bern for 1 year and I love this city. The old Bern is so romantic you can walk around the streets, discover some little boutique with amazing things in it there is so many restaurants everywhere. People are very nice and sometimes I regret not being there everyday anymore. It was such a nice period of my life! But I’m still always happy to go there for a day. 


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