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20 . 09 . 2013
alison liaudat, bangbangblond
 Clothes by Loveday31 | Pics by @MRDOPEPIC
Inspired by the 20’s in collacoration with the boutique Loveday31 (click here to see my post about it).

These pics are very unusual! Wearing a 20’s look in the middle of the Queens and looking inside the garbage or inspecting the laundry. I would be perfect to assist to Gatsby’s Party no?
The dress that I’m wearing is just wonderful! A real amazing vintage pieces and the material was very light. The clutch is a vintage piece from Dior.
This shoot was so funny we were so inspiring and laughing so much! I have to tell you that this garbage smelt very very bad! I really love the gap between the situation and the look. I had so much fun to make this shoot with @MRDOPEPIC. It was so very spontaneous and I would love to thank him and the owner of the boutique Loveday31.
 alison liaudat, bangbangblondalison liaudat, bangbangblond
alison liaudat, bangbangblond
alison liaudat, bangbangblond


  1. Francesca Cristini

    20 . 09 . 2013 at 10 h 04 min Répondre

    nice outfit!

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